Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

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Follow Me Cafe


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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Follow Me Café in Rose Farm invites you to the events of the spring of the week 7-14 March


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Music Live Up:

  • Ivan Yang
  • Onik
  • Ivan Next
  • Egor Zev's

Precise answers to the main questions of March knows Follow Me Cafe. Who rules the world? Who we strive constantly to give gifts? Who pulls us from the prolonged winter depression? Of course it is - women. And the main female praznik Follow Me Cafe offers you a feel for the atmosphere of a positive and excellent service in one of the most cheerful restaurants GC "Rosa Khutor". Are you ready, girls?

Two two-hour action 1 + 1 on all cocktails and mix-drinks

From 18-00 to 20-00 and from 22-00 to 00-00!

We love you and wish you a pleasant stay!


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